Educational Approach

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The following objectives outline Trace Academy’s educational approach. All parents and personnel of Trace accept these objectives as ways to foster excellence in Christian education.
  • Parents who take responsibility for a role in our community of learning.
  • A commitment by the community of parents to “do what it takes”, sometimes giving above and beyond what is required in order to provide for the needs of the school.
  • Parents who are willing to assume a high level of involvement in the education of their children.
  • An individual parental and corporate school dependence on the Lord for every aspect of the development and implementation of the school.
  • The presence of competent teachers who, as mentors and instructors, share with each other a common commitment to the students and the school and demonstrate a call to serve the Lord in the teaching and training of students.
  • A community that values interaction among students of different learning levels and of different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, with respect and appreciation for such variety.
  • An integral, thematic curriculum, in which the full range of a subject is presented, not isolated bits of information, but in a way that reflects the wholeness of the created order, thus preparing the child to live an integrated Christian life.
  • A teaching approach that involves the complementary methods of:
  • Didactic instruction (lectures and responses) for acquiring organized knowledge
  • Coaching (exercises and supervised practice) for developing intellectual skills
  • Interactive questioning (active participation in discussion) for enlarging the understanding of ideals and values
  • Hands-on learning experiences for gaining the concrete understanding necessary to progress to abstract reasoning.
  • An environment of friendship, order, and creativity that encourages each child’s unique ability to achieve, to think, to express ideas and to love learning.
  • The development of character qualities according to Scripture, such as truthfulness, self-control, unselfishness, diligence, attentiveness and discernment.
  • A curriculum that encourages and supports the Biblical family structure and a positive relationship between parent and child.
  • An atmosphere that encourages the student in: how to know Christ, developing a personal relationship with Him, owning their faith, growing in a love relationship with the Lord, and sharing His love with others.
  • An atmosphere that could be described as a “wildlife refuge” and not a “hot house.” This means exposing the children at age-appropriate levels to concepts that are not necessarily Christian with the desire to train the students to evaluate these through the lens of the Word and character of God, in order to discern God’s truth and communicate it with others.
  • For modesty, privacy, and to allow parental guidance, Trace does not teach “human sexuality” or similar adolescent issues. Parents are encouraged to have these conversations at their discretion.
  • Because of the shortened school day, Trace does not provide instruction for PE or Music. Parents are encouraged to pursue these skills outside of school hours.
  • At Trace we offer a rigorous curriculum. Parents will need to work with students who are above or below this level. Where possible the teachers are available to consult with the parents on this.

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